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    Color book inquiry


    Service purposes

    Our company has always seen: "customer satisfaction, beyond ourselves" as quality policy, and "based on customers, what customers think, customer satisfaction"as the service concept. Pre-sale, enough planning and analysis enable our products to the maximum to meet customer demand, and it plays the biggest economic benefits for customers, During sale,we provide customers with the best solutions and better cost-effective products, and dedicate to providing customers with the best products and services. After-sale,we adhere to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement , implement product tracking system, and formulate improvement measures and service commitment, in order to provide a broader space for customers in depth cooperation and service guarantee.

    Pre-sale service
    1, Master the customers first demand information, to provide customers with the most satisfactory demand and service in the first time, accomplish "three precision", "three quickness", "three well done". "Three precision" first is accurate color for sample, second is exact price calculation, third is accurate production input; "Three quickness", first is receiving information quickly, second is rapid response (fast feedback, fast order, fast quotation, fast sample, fast delivery sampling), the third is fast delivery; "Three well done", first is perfect service, second is perfect tracking, third is perfect measure.
    2, Science and technology leads the trend, Diverse color weaves fashion life. To promote for customers in time, and display the companys latest yarn color book about scientific research achievements.
    3, According to customer demand, signing the contract, according to the contract offer to organize production, and we need to achieve organization and practice before production. By the way of process inspection, tracking, quality inspection of output products, acceptance check, we stop letting unqualified products into customers.

    Sale of services
    1, To organize professionals and Customer Service Team , we design Preferred scheme according to customer demand, and we provide better cost-effective product to meet the customer demand.
    2, In strict accordance with sample from customer, to meet the high standards of customer requirements.

    After-sales service:
    1, To implement a tracking system for sold products, to formulate customer satisfaction survey, and to understand the quality circumstances and requirements of the sold products.
    2, Clearly put forward quality management department, and sales department  to communicate by telephone, visiting, and listening to customer views and aspirations to formulate corrective measures and service standards.
    3When there are different opinions about quality, the quality management department should communicate and negotiate with customer in the first time, or deal with it on site, and give customer solution to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Quality assurance:
    1, In accordance with national industry standards and ISO 9001 2008 quality system certification standard to organize production.
    2, In line with green productrequirements for human health, to prohibit strictly using substances harmful to human body.
    3, To provide qualified certificates obtained by the Company for customers, such as BCI, Swiss Textile Testing Co.,Ltd, Oeko-tex Standard 100, Ecological Textiles Standard Certification, Netherlands Control Union institution (Global Organic Textiles Standard.

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